Our tutors use AI technology to double your child’s grade improvement

Our AI platform delivers deep

insights about your child to our tutors,

allowing them to teach exactly what

they needed to boost their grades.

*Trial includes 1 hr session with our world-class tutors
on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

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How does Edicat use AI to double grade improvement?

Diagnostic Assessment

Deep insights about your

child's knowledge gaps when they

use our award-winning

AI Mathematics platform.

Personal Recommendations

Suggests a tailored lesson

plan to our experienced tutors, who

will address the root cause of your

child's underperformance.

Improvement Tracking

Get weekly performance reports

to see your child's grades are

improving. Our tutors use data-

driven tools to boost performance.

Our Offerings


KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-Levels


GCSE, A-Levels


GCSE, A-Levels


GCSE, A-Levels


Personalised Learning

Receive feedback on what

you need to focus on to

make the biggest improvement.

Exam Style Questions

Our questions are the type

you’d expect to get in exams

to give you good practice.

Parental Reports

Receive reports on your child’s

performance and improvement so

you’re always kept in the loop.

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